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Focusing on protection and monitoring options, NetVizor.net was started in 1998. NetVizor.net is a privately used and financed business situated in their state of Utah. Driven by exceptionally simple to use interfaces, extensive functionality, competitive quality control, and devoted client service, NetVizor.net is becoming among the most trustworthy industry leaders in the pc monitoring industry.

Since the beginning, NetVizor.net has devoted itself to making award-winning tracking options that cater not just to company systems and large-scale businesses, but to person house customers, and parents too. Our main product, SpyAgent, has developed to become among the most popular monitoring options in the world. SpyAgent's success has resulted in the development of a number of checking products customized for specific surroundings and users.

NetVizor has been regularly chosen by worldwide businesses and small-business sites for asset-protection, user action direction, and complete focused monitoring. SentryPC, on the other hand, has assisted parent's watch on, and oversee their children's pc activities. Our variety of monitoring solutions have already been applied in several authorities, military, company, and academic services world-wide - in addition to supplying monitoring solutions to innumerable customers.

We also operate a system security based applications department - Infiltration Systems. Infiltration Systems provides a brand new perspective to pc and network protection. With new vulnerabilities and intrusions constantly popping up, Infiltration Systems provides a powerful strategy to distributing security. Driven by exceptionally simple to use interfaces, wonderful technical help, and strong solutions, Infiltration Systems claims to be a leading provider of safety solutions for all users - from novice home users to skilled system managers.

Company Goals

  • To produce computer tracking and protection options that constantly increase the bar in quality, operation, performance, and cost.
  • Place customer's thoughts at ease with regard to their computer's safety, solitude, safety, and utilization.
  • Supply outstanding customer care for both existing clients and prospective clients.
  • To always be around the cutting-edge, and to consistently offer the greatest and most complete software options possible.

Professional Recognition

Our products have received favorable evaluations from TechTV, PC World, PC Magazine, Laptop Magazine, ABC and NBC television, and PC Today - to name a few. Our software has obtained over 200 best honours from on-line software download websites - like Download.com, Snapfiles.com, and Shareup.com.

"System administrators, concerned parents, and suspicious spouses all will find this program an almost-perfect spying solution." - Download.com 5 Star Review

"Of the products in this roundup, SpyAgent has the most elegant interface. When we installed the program in stealth mode, nothing seemed to happen, and we wondered whether the program had truly installed. But as we discovered when we pressed the magic key sequence, SpyAgent was already at work." - PC Magazine

"SpyAgent Professional is a powerful monitoring solution with tons of features and configuration options. A very nice, easy to use and fully featured utility." - SnapFiles.com 5 Star Review

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