Uninstalling NetVizor

How to uninstall NetVizor off your network.

Uninstalling NetVizor

NetVizor's client can be uninstalled locally, or remotely via a network logon script.

Local Uninstall

NetVizor's client will not appear in the "add / remove program files" folder, so you must manually uninstall it by deleting its program folder where it is installed (x:\program files\nvclient\ or x:\program files (x86)\nvclient\ if on 64-bit Windows) - Make sure the NetVizor client is NOT running before you try to delete this folder.

Network Uninstall

With this method you can uninstall NetVizor from all clients on your network without having to visit each workstation.

1. Copy the "remover.exe" file from your NetVizor installation folder (default location is c:\program files\netvizor\remover.exe) into your domain controller logon folder.

2. Add the following commands to your logon script that is contained in your domain controller folder (replace $logondir$ with your domain logon folder). When these commands are executed when a network computer executes their logon script the remover.exe will be copied to the workstation, it will execute and remove the NetVizor client, and will then be deleted.

  • copy "$logondir$\remover.exe" "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\remover.exe"
  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\remover.exe
  • del %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\remover.exe

Remote Uninstall via the Web-based Console

To stop the NetVizor client from monitoring the remote computer simply use the "Uninstall NetVizor Server" option in the computer's web interface.

Remote Uninstall via the NetVizor Viewer

To stop the NetVizor client from monitoring the remote computer via the viewer software, select a computer in the computer list and click "Remove Client" at the bottom of the computer list pane, or click "View Activities" and then choose "Remove Client from Computer."