NetVizor Viewing Logs

How to view and manage your logs with NetVizor.

Viewing and Managing Logs

NetVizor's logs are viewable via its built-in log web interface that is accessible via your NetVizor Viewer.


NetVizor's activities can be viewed locally or remotely. To view locally click "View User Activity" while NetVizor is in monitoring mode. Your browser will open and prompt you for your NetVizor password - enter the password to be presented with NetVizor's web interface. This interface is very self explanatory - just select the activity you wish to perform from the menu system on the left side of the web interface

NOTE: You can always view logs locally from the computer being monitored by pointing your browser to while NetVizor is monitoring (if you are using an alternate port, add ":newport" to the address).


NetVizor is designed for remote and local access of user activities logged. To remotely view activities, open your browser and point it to http://COMPUTER-NAME or http://IP - where you replace COMPUTER-NAME or IP with the appropriate information for the remote PC. If you are behind your LAN it is recommended you use the NetVizor viewer for easy centralized viewing of PC's.

If you are outside the LAN the computer is on, you can still access it via http://IP if there is no firewall/router blocking its connection. If it is behind a firewall / router you will need to enable port forwarding on a custom port that NetVizor is configured to use (you can change NetVizor's port in its GENERAL settings). From there connect to the remote PC using http://EXTERNAL-IP:PORT.

Detailed connection information is viewable by clicking on "more connection info..." on the NetVizor interface.