Viewer Interface

Understanding the powerful viewer interface in NetVizor.

The NetVizor Viewer Interface

The NetVizor Viewer is a powerful tool that allows you to manage and organize your monitored network computers, view logged activities, generate reports, monitor desktops and behavior alerts in real-time, and more.

This section will give you a quick overview of the Viewer interface and its features.

The Viewer Menu

The menu bar on the Viewer interface provides access to the majority of the Viewer's features.

  • Computer Management: add and remove computers, view computers, launch remote desktop sessions, sync settings, check monitoring status, assign aliases and groups, and more
  • Real-time Monitoring: launch the real-time activity ticker
  • Alerts: view incoming behavior activity alerts in real-time and start/stop the alerts server
  • Reporting: generate log reports and configure report email delivery
  • Visual Network Overview: view a tiled display of all desktops on your network, or desktops for specific computer groups
  • Options: configure various Viewer options
  • Display: cascade, tile, or close all open windows in your Viewer workspace
  • Help: access help documentation and program information

The Computer and User List

The computer and user lists allow you to manage and view computers and logs on your network. To select a computer or user right-click or double-click it. Double-clicking a computer will automatically open its web interface where you can view its logs, control the computer, and more, while double-clicking a user will open its log viewer and management menu.

The computer and user lists can be maximized by clicking on the left/right arrows between the computer/user lists and the Viewer workspace. When maximized, you will be able to view the computer's name, location, and group. The users list will show the user, its shared log storage location, and the last time it was updated.

The Viewer Workspace

When you view a computer or launch the Visual Network Overview it will open in a window within the Viewer workspace area. The workspace allows you to have multiple overviews open at once, view multiple computers at the same time, and organize the open windows quickly for efficient management.